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Holiday Lights Effect!

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Well the holidays came quickly and it’s time to decorate your StartSkin with some seasonal & holiday effects! Go into your Skin Builder and click on the Widgets tab. In there, along with all of the social network widgets you will find the Snow Icon and Christmas Lights Icon! Click the Christmas Lights and let there be light amongst your StartSkin! Colorful blinking lights will be added to the side of your homepage! Fun thing about it is they glow, flash and when you put your mouse over them, they break (Don’t worry though, they will be replaced on refresh!). As for the seasonal effects, it may still be Fall but Winter is soon approaching! Click on the snow icon and let the snow fall from the top of your homepage! Enjoy these fun effects!

Happy holidays from the StartSkins Staff!

New Settings Area!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We want to make customizing your homepage the easiest as possible as well as managing your account and privacy settings! We have combined all of the settings into one, privacy and search settings making it easier to modify your settings all at once. You can now find the newly rebuilt settings at the bottom right of your skin!

-Kris, StartSkins Support

RSS Feed Widget!

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Stay updated with top news, sports, entertainment or anything at all with the new RSS Feed Widget! Simply find a RSS feed url, plug it into the widget and receive the feed directly on your StartSkin! How do I get this? Go into the Skin Builder, click the Widgets tab and click on the RSS Feed icon. It will add the widget to your skin. It will have default feeds for StartSkins updates along with Google’s Top News, Sports and Health feeds! How do I add a new feed? Click on the Add Feed link at the bottom of the widget! Yes, it’s that easy! You can even customize the theme of the widget by clicking the colorful circle at the top right, as well as minimize/maximize the widget!

Hope you enjoy this new widget & yes, of course we are working on our next feature already!

-Kris, StartSkins Support

More updates: The Twitter widget has been updated! You can now click your followers usernames and receive their personal tweets directly on the widget. We also updated the Widgets tab area. If you don’t have one of the widgets, the widget icon will be grey. To enable the widget, click the icon and it will appear in color. Do the same to disable that widget!