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Add Skins Instantly from Gallery!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Do you like more than one skin in the Skin Gallery? Well instead of having to go through the whole process of previewing, setting as your current homepage and going back into My Skins to save it you can now add as many skins as you want with a click of a button. Simply just click the green plus sign on the skin you want and add as many skins as you want!

There is a 3 skin limit per gallery session. Meaning you can add 3 from the skin gallery and have to wait a few seconds for the skins to save in your My Skins section then you can go back into the gallery and add some more!

Many more fun features are in the works already so prepare yourself!

-Kris, StartSkins Staff

Get All the Features!

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Not registered to Well, that’s okay because our public users now have almost every feature that registered users have access to!

So the question is: “I am a public user so what new features am I getting?”

To answer that question you can now:
-Save as many skins as you want!
-Rotate all of your saved skins!

To give you a more detailed idea of the above features, you can now create as many skins and/or choose as many skins from the gallery and save them to the My Skins area located in the Customize Page link! So with all of your saved skins, now you have another feature to use called Rotate Skins! With this feature, you can check off as many skins as you have in your My Skins box and on every refresh of your homepage you will have a new skin shown from your saved skins! The only feature not available is the Privacy Settings. This setting will enable/disable others from viewing or editing the content on your own personal StartSkin.

Now that we’ve opened up to our public users, get ready for more features ahead!