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Search Backgrounds from your Skin Builder!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

So you already know that we love to make it easy for you to customize your homepage, but now it has become even easier!

To get straight to the point, instead of browsing the web for a new skin, you can now search directly through your Skin Builder! That’s right, you now have the ability to search images from Google, Photobucket, Flickr and Bing instantly on your StartSkin’s Skin Builder! Choose the search engine, type in your search and get instant results! Once your results appear, click on any image to get a live preview directly on your homepage. Want the image? Finish the rest of your customizing and click Save Changes!

Now can it get any easier?

Enjoy this feature and you know there are tons of new ones on the way!

-Kris, StartSkins Staff

Rotate Your Skins!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

What is this new feature? Well, it is self explanatory! The Rotate Skins feature will rotate your skins that you have created and saved in your My Skins area each time you come to your homepage, having a different skin appear every time!

How do I rotate my skins?
Sign into your StartSkin’s account. Go into your My Skins area. You will see a Rotate Skins check box at the top right of the box. Check off this box. You will notice all of your skins now are checked off. The skins that are checked will be set to rotate. Uncheck any skins you do not want to rotate. Once you’re ready, exit the My Skins and it will confirm that your skins will rotate. Take note, you must have more than one skin checked in order to have your skins rotate.

Your skins are now set to rotate each time you refresh your page!

Don’t know how to save skins to the My Skins area? Click here to read a previous post on how to.

*Rotate Skins is currently for registered members only. Click here to register and get the ability to save as many skins as you want as well as use the new Rotate Skins feature! We will be releasing this feature to the public very soon!

Hope you enjoy this feature!
-Kris, StartSkins Staff

Love is in the Air!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Well, maybe not in the air but love is certainly on your StartSkin with our new Valentine’s day feature! Similar to the falling snowflakes feature, we now allow you to have falling hearts directly on your skin! Simply go into your Skin Builder and click on the Widgets tab. You will see the Enable Hearts check box. Click this and let the love fall from your homepage!


Much more features are in the works so stick tight as we are looking to release some awesome new features for the month of February!

-Kris, StartSkins Staff