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More Search Bar Options!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Yet another option to customize your search bar! Currently, we already provide you guys with the ability to:

-Hide Search Engine Logo
-Adjust the search engine logo size
-Change the search bar & button colors
-Adjust the search bar width

Once again, that’s not all! You can now adjust the search bar field background transparency! Thicken the search bar field background color or hike up the transparency and make it invisible! Simply go into the Skin Builder and click the ‘Search’ tab. You will see the background color transparency slider. Use that to darken or lighten your search bar transparency! Save changes and you’re all set!

Hope you enjoy this feature with plenty more customizing to come!
-Kris, StartSkins Staff

Auto Hide Your Menus!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

With this sleek new feature you can now hide your top and bottom menu’s and have them reappear with the scroll of your mouse! To make it simple, when you hover near the top of your menu, the bar will then reappear and the bottom bar will hide! Same effect goes for your bottom bar! Direct your mouse to the bottom bar and the top bar will hide! If you have no activity with your mouse they both will hide until you scroll your mouse towards one of the bars! This gives you even more room to customize your StartSkin and gives it a nice, smooth effect as well!


To setup this effect, simply go into the Search Settings located at the top. You will see a check box with text reading ‘Automatically Hide/Show Top and Bottom Links’. Check this and your top and bottom bars will have the auto hide effect once you click Update Changes.

Enjoy this feature and much more customizing to come!

-Kris, StartSkins Staff