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Ready, Set… Customize the Search!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

We’ve promised you some new features in the near future, and the future is here!  As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, you can hide the Google logo, change the background color of the search bar, and change the color of the search button.  With our latest addition, you can take customizing your search box to the next level by adjusting the width of the search box!

Search Bar Width:
With this feature you can shrink or stretch the search bar to whatever length you’d like!  To change the size, click ‘Customize Page’ > ‘Skin Builder’ > ‘Skin’ tab.  Under the ‘Search Bar’ heading you should see a slider to change the search bar width.  Make it tiny or stretch it across your screen, the choice is now yours! That’s what StartSkins is all about, customizing your homepage the way YOU want it!

We’re not done yet, even more features are on the way.  It is our goal to bring you at least 1 new feature every week!  So what will be next?  Framing uploaded pictures?  Adding text and image links to your skin?  Check back next week to see!

Have an idea for a feature you’d like to see added next?  Let us know!

-Brandon, StartSkins Staff