New Interface

As you can see, we’ve just released a new interface for your StartSkins page! We feel this new interface is much cleaner, and much easier to use.

Some Changes We’ve Made:
A new ‘framed’ look
Search switchers moved to top left
Links to your favorite sites in the bottom left
A single link for customizing your page

What do you think of the new interface? We’d love to hear your feedback, and any ideas you may have for making StartSkins even better!

As you can see, we’ve just released a new interface for your StartSkins page! We feel this new interface is much cleaner, and much easier to use.

Some Changes We’ve Made:
*A new ‘framed’ look
*Search switchers moved to top left
*Links to your favorite sites in the bottom left
*A single link for customizing your page

What do you think of the new interface? We’d love to hear your feedback, and any ideas you may have for making StartSkins even better!

-Brandon, StartSkins Staff

25 Responses to “New Interface”

  1. allie says:

    I dont like the new interface. “Google” is labeled in giant format above my search bar…Of course I know Im searching with Google, thats why theres a little G next to the search. But is it necessary to blow up the scale so much its staring me in the face, more than the design behind it? Its annoying, and not to mention covering up the quote above my search bar that makes my skin…well….MY skin. Id rather not have an exploited marketing tool completely washing out what makes me smile every morning when I sit down at my home page.

    Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on something that will allow you to hide the Google logo.

  2. YADEIRY says:


  3. Joe Slentz says:

    I feel it’s not as cropped as before; the links were small and organized, and the lack of a border didn’t hinder the picture you uploaded. Though, it was a good idea for organization, I was much more comfortable with the small letter head.

  4. jesskah says:

    i really love this new look. especially since my pics that i use for my homepage skin thingy have captions, and i couldnt read them with the links in the way. thanks start skins!

  5. eli says:

    its realy nice thanks

  6. G. Overton says:

    This is great !!! Now I can’t tell the difference between my Desktop & my Startskins page !!! I just wish you would get rid of the update tab (in the upper right-hand corner) every time I log in.

    Thanks for the positive feedback! We’re working on a update that will only show the updates window once.

  7. Tegan says:

    The new StartSkins is great! Very easy to navigate and appealing. Just keep adding Skins and it will catch on like wild fire! Thanks!

  8. LoganRenae says:

    I don’t like the new InterFace.

  9. Danicaa says:

    Wowz I <3 this thingyy. Hah. Its pretty.

  10. esaca says:

    I do not like it..i liked the old one before this!! :(

  11. Stephanie Wallace says:

    I really like the new interface look it looks a lot cleaner. An I like the skins that you had put on there.

  12. Grace says:


  13. Shentel says:

    i think its great. but yes why is there such a big GOOGLE right above it. hello i know its google search but do we really need it right there above the search area. other then that i think its awesome.

  14. Humayun Kabir says:

    I don’t like the new interface which has a framed look. It was like a fresh Google search engine with a nice background. Now it seems like a web page with lot of options to click. Though the main features regarding the search engines are quite okay. But I don’t find any significant changes or develops with this new outlook.

  15. bree says:

    EPIC i love it lol i see everyones point thoguh about the google text though. it is difficult with the background. possibly move it or get rid of it? idk or at least change the colors or something

    Glad you love it! :)

    We’ve actually greatly reduced the size of the Google logo until we add the option to hide it.

  16. jen says:

    love it. google image don’t bother me.

  17. G. the OBSERVER says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen… You have done well with the new interface !!!

    However, let’s remove the large obnoxious update tab in the upper right-hand corner or give me the option in a ‘preference’ or ’setting’ menu of removing it myself; let me choose to see it; ‘normal’ ie; every time I log in, ‘once daily,’ or ‘never’ or even make it a small link like the other small links…

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Thanks for positive feedback!

    We’ve reduced the size of the window by more than half, we hope this less intrusive. We’re also taking into consideration your other ideas. Thank you for the suggestions.

  18. Roger says:

    Love the new look, but any chance you could make the google search window moveable so I can position it in a position thats not in the centre of the screen, but somewhere thats not over a part of my background image that I’d to be able to see… thanks

    Thanks for the suggestion. This feature is currently being developed and it should be ready sometime next week.

  19. Terri says:

    I love the hompage interface, I like it beacause it allows me easier access to everything I use on the internet. Thank You For the hard work.

  20. daniela says:

    i love diz google

  21. Erin K says:

    I LOVE it? I just wish I could pick a more simple layout, one thats easy to read like a small picture i choose at the bottom of the left or right screen persay and mostly ID LIKE TO HAVE MY GMAIL MORE ACCESSIBLE ON THE SCREEN LIKE THE USUAL ONE. i cant even access my email cuz i havent figured it out yet. and im not even dumb. and also, id like to know HOW TO SWITCH IT BACK TO NORMAL IF I WANTED TO.

    You can add a link to Gmail by going to “Customize Page” (top right), then clicking “Manage Links”. The links you add will show at the bottom left of your page.
    If you want to switch back to the normal google, go to then set that as your homepage.

  22. sitygurl says:

    2 me it’s sumtang knu….Ilyke it

  23. teri says:

    Well, thanks for asking. I so adore the picture and glad it was available. Unfortunately, I find myself annoyed with the Google logo on top of it. The picture I chose is a place you can dive into and lose yourself in. The google logo with search bar in the center of it throws that whole idea, the main reason I chose the skin to start with. Smart idea, but needs tweaking, I think. Thanks for the great addition to my home computer. It really does feel customized to my liking except…..

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve just added a feature that allows you to hide the Google logo. Check out our latest blog post for more information. We’re also working on a feature which allows you to move the search bar. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

  24. hole143 says:

    i love this new look. and i love that i can add pics to my homepage skin. and i love all the skins. keep up the good work! thanks start skins!

  25. charlie says:

    i got a startskins page for a tab that pops up everytime u go on the internet and i like that and i like the new interface but i accidently put 2 extra tabs and i want to get rid of one so there is only 1 but i dont know how?????? what do i do?

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